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Answer The Pain – The Caption is The Most Important Creative Component For Your Article or Page


A supporting statement that answers what the page content is about and introduces the subject matter. List the three points covered in this article.


The first paragraph sums up the whole article or page. What is the key takeaway someone will get from reading this article? Why is it important? What is the emotional connection with the reader?

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Section Two:

Explain the three points supporting your subject matter. Make sure your information is concise and easy to understand. Two or three sentences in each paragraph make the content easier to digest. Photos or graphics are necessary to help the reader move into the story and helps bring more context to the content.

The reason we limit our article to three points is that most people will skim an article for the value points. Limiting these to three make it less time consuming and therefore more likely they will finish the content.

For more complex subject matter, use links in your article to offer a deeper investigation into your subject matter. Having links throughout your article also helps with search engines. You can create links to videos, resources, downloads, forms, audio files, and more. This allows your article to be short yet thorough and engaging.

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Your full article should be around 400 – 700 words for an easy subject and 1,000 – 2,500 for an in-depth discussion, case study, or detailed how to.

Research your subject matter as it relates to your audience. Use your buyer personas (target audience profiles) to help identify key content that matters the most to your audience.

If you are using WordPress for your website or blog, import the plugin Yoast SEO to help you with overall search engine optimization related to readability, keyword density, subject matter consistency. However, be aware that all subject matter is not equal and sometimes you have to sacrifice SEO scoring for reader experience.

Video can be a viable replacement for content. While videos are not searchable by Google it is far more engaging. Engagement is what you are after.