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Anatomy of A Rocket Page (Single Pg Scrolling Site)


Give The Solution

The top section can have three elements. Each element would be a promotional message, a Call To Action (CTA), or Highlighted Organization Benefit.


The Purpose For The Top Section

The Top Section’s purpose is to clearly define who you are and what you offer to people in the quickest way possible. You don’t want a lot of distracting elements to take away from your message. Too much at one time, will confuse your audience and cause them to leave prematurely.


Up To Three Content Areas

Cookies & Milk

Like This

Creme Brulee

Like This

Baked Broccoli

Like This


The Purpose Of Section Two

In concise statements give support for the first section information. You want to arouse more interest in your organization or CTA. What are the three key features that make you stand out?

Your Mission or Vision Statement

Do you have a purpose or mission statement that conveys your reason “Why”?

Why you exist?

Why they should care?

Why they should work with you?

What People Groups Do You Help Most

Families with Older Children

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Business Owners That Have To Run Everything

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