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The SIMPLE Marketing Plan

A complete walkthrough of one of our starter marketing plan templates.


Planning is necessary to achieve the outcome you seek. Having a clear agenda will make finding the finish line much easier than running in the dark without a light.


Implementation is necessary in order to see any success. A good plan executed today beats a great plan gathering dust for someday.


How do you know if you succeed if nothing is tracked? How do you know a plan is going to work, if you don’t know what the potential is ahead of time.


Look at opportunities where marketing budgets of time and money are paid based on performance rather than fixed pricing.


A mindset of long-term relationship building, quality performance, a lasting vision and goal.

Easy To Manage:

If your plan is too complicated or demands too much time or resources, you won’t do it. Have a long-term vision with bite-size efforts to achieve your goals.