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The article from Search Engine Journal discusses the advantages of using a hierarchical site structure for SEO as recommended by Google’s Gary Illyes. Here are the top 5 key takeaways:

  • Hierarchical Structure Benefits: It helps Google to understand and categorize different sections of a website, making it more effective for SEO.
  • Flat Site Structure: Once beneficial for spreading PageRank, it has become less relevant with changes in Google’s ranking factors.
  • Site Organization: A hierarchical structure organizes content from general to specific, aiding in better categorization and user navigation.
  • Different Visualizations: The article explains various ways to visualize a hierarchical site structure, like taxonomic, pyramid, or silo structures.
  • Applicability Based on Site Size: For larger websites, a hierarchical structure is recommended for better management and search engine crawling, while flat structures may still be suitable for simpler, smaller sites.

For a detailed understanding, you can read the full article here.